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WELCOME... our dynamic learning organisation passionate about making a difference and helping people and businesses to grow.


Built on over 50 years of research, knowledge and experience, MGA Ltd was formed as a specialist learning organisation that employs the most inspirational and effective methods to engage with a diverse range of learners and learning objectives. Our work methods have received national and international recognition in both the business and education sectors.


It's our belief that if we can tap in to peoples curiosity, if we can gain their interest, if we can enthuse and excite them, then the resultant motivation will enable them to improve, to grow, and ultimately gain happiness.

  • Theatre in Education

  • Applied Theatre

  • Interactive Theatre

  • Film Production

  • Presentations

  • Creative Consultancy

  • Launches

  • Touring Theatre

  • Training Resources

  • Education Resources

  • Coaching

  • Transformational Leadership

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