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Built on over 50 years of research, knowledge and experience, MGA Ltd was formed as a specialist learning organisation that employs the most inspirational and effective methods to engage with a diverse range of learners and learning objectives. Our work methods have received national and international recognition in both the business and education sectors.

What we do:

Here at MGA, we don’t promote ‘off the shelf’ learning packages. We prefer first to understand the learning needs, the learners themselves and the learning environment. Only once we fully understand all of the above, do we begin to design and construct learning programmes that will work for you.

How we do it:

We understand how people learn, but just as important, we know how to inspire individuals to learn.

Our learning programmes, therefore, are a complex blend of differing learning experiences that involve the use of theatre, film, experiential activities and written programmes, 1:1 coaching, group simulation and role play.

Working with many inspirational and committed partners and associates, we can design and deliver the best ‘engaged learning’ solution for you.


In the business community we deliver learning solutions across the entire employment lifecycle – from induction through to on-going development as well as coaching and consulting solutions. However large or small, we have a proven record of success with our partners.



We create a range of media products from short promotional films to full length learning resources, from viral marketing to pop promos, documentaries to short films, as stand alone products or as part of a blended learning experience.

To view a showreel of media work, click here

To view a showreel of film production, click here

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In the education sector we support learning form primary through to post graduate level. From the largest Theatre in Education project in the world to specialised and technical projects, we have experience of an extremely diverse range of learners, learning outcomes and learning environments.

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